About Me

Drawing and writing my brain out have always been the inherent tool I have used to keep my sanity for as long as I can remember. (Not that I was a traumatized kid or anything.) I also draw to express to my friends and family how much I appreciate and love them because I often fail to deliver such delicate emotions to them. These goals and habits of mine developed through a series of illustrations that speak about emotions in my very own pure, naked way.

I couldn't feel luckier to have the ability to utilize my passion to bring smiles and laughs to so many people. It is priceless to expose my work, not only to make people happy, but to see connections through my art as we all seem to go through the same mental struggles.

  • Born and raised in the beautiful country of Japan.
  • A few years later I grabbed a pen and paper and started drawing like a little broken robot.
  • Several years later I learned to write and became obsessed with writing in my diary like I had no friends.
  • I Moved to Calgary, Alberta in Canada in 2002 and experienced what the inside of my nostrils getting frozen feels like.
  • Graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design with a bachelor degree of Visual Communication Design with Illustration as a major in 2008.
  • Scared shitless to say good bye to the wonderful school life, I become a part of the real world.
  • I'm currently living in Calgary and continue to enjoy creating and sharing my new illustrations locally and publicly online.